Built Environment

The report of the Built Environment TF provides a review of how climate change will exacerbate the problems of the built environment sector in the EMME region. It highlights the most critical problems and provides a future outlook about the needs of the regional built environment.

The report summarizes the policy landscape of mitigation and adaptation strategies already implemented in the EMME countries and provides examples of possible actions, as well as technologically matured and economically affordable solutions for effectively addressing the climate challenges that the built environments will face in the region. Furthermore, the report provides a clear roadmap for a transition towards sustainable cities.

This report is intended to serve and support national governments, local and municipal authorities, researchers and scientists, planning and design communities, private sector enterprises, international organisations (including international corporations and development banks) and civil society including indigenous peoples, in developing blueprints and action plans for new evidence-based research and knowledge that supports effective climate action in cities. This document signposts key issues that will require research to help guide effective policy development for climate action in cities.