The Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East region is at the confluence of several global challenges: this highly populated region of over 300 million inhabitants is not only suffering disproportionately from the effects of Climate Change, but is also prone to a range of conflicts, some of which are worsened by Climate Change. As a result, it has seen large exodus, population displacements, and migrations, which are expected to worsen, while recipient countries which themselves are experiencing Climate Change and Conflict are also attempting to deal with this challenge.

The report of this task force provides a review of the linkages between Climate and Migration in the EMME region specifically, and to identify specific policy measures that can help with Climate Adaptation, which in turn can reduce the pressures that can lead to conflict and migration in the region. In doing so, it will draw synergies with the work of many of the other task forces, including Health, Energy Systems, Water Resources, Agroforestry and Food Chain, Cultural Heritage. It will also focus on how migrant and host communities can work together and be empowered to adapt to the common challenge of Climate Change in a process that will help with integration and conflict resolution.