Green Economy and Innovation

The report of the Green Economy and Innovation TF provides a review of the impact of climate change in the economies of the region, based on the scientific findings of the other thematic Task Forces of the Initiative. It draws attention to the limitations of the current economic linear models, which are still dominant in the EMME, and provides examples of possible sustainable development pathways.

The report describes the current state of green economy and innovation policies and actions in the EMME countries, as well as cross border frameworks and collaborations. Furthermore, the report suggests policies and actions by drawing from examples of innovation policies and practices which have proven successful in promoting a greener economy in other regions. It identifies relevant transitional practices and suggests a roadmap on how they can be adapted to the EMME region.

The report provides specific policy recommendations for establishing a joint regional pathway towards the green economy paradigm, taking into consideration the Paris Agreement and the EU’s Green Deal.

Finally, it proposes specific pilot joint initiatives on the major challenges/opportunities to be financed by the EMME countries, eventually in cooperation and support from international organisations.